Rank Structure

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Rank Structure

Post by NGG McNasty on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:22 pm

Rank Structure

Recruit: Brand New Member

Private: New Member that has Signed up on the Forums, Been trained to NGG Standards, as well as Added the Company Tag.

Corporal: Must have attended one meeting and Completed one Workshop.

Sergeant: Uphold the Code of Conduct; stay active as a gamer and be registered on the NGG Forums. They should
know the rank Structure up through Director. They are a role models to all Pvt’s of NGG and are to stay active with not only higher leaders of the Company but also the Pvts. In Charge of recruiting new members

Staff Sergeant: Starts to learn how to become a leader inside of NGG. They Get paired with a Master Sergeant who will mentor the Staff Sergeant.

Sergeant First Class: They duty of this rank is strictly to prepare for their Master Sergeants test.

Master Sergeant: In Charge of training all new members

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